Get Hired as a Police Officer

Make this be the year you achieve your dreams of being an officer

Im Just getting started

  • The first step in becoming a Police Officer is to complete the ATS testing
  • The testing includes the PATI test, WCT, BPAD, hearing and vision testing, and PREP test.
  • The testing can be challenging and costly to have to re-do if not successful.  So make sure to pass the first time by signing up for the Full PATI Course where you will learn everything you need to be successful.
  • Your completed OACP Certificate is your ticket to applying to any police service in Ontario.

Obtaining your OACP Certificate


Im Ready to Apply

  • Now that you are ready to apply, figure out where you want to work. 
  • Are you looking to work in your home town or move and take on an adventure?
  • First try to give some thought to the size of Police service you want to work for.  The size of the service will determine your future opportunity for career development.
  • To start, only apply to a few services at the same time.  We suggest no more than 3 the first round.

What Police Services are Hiring?


Im Have my Interview Soon

  • Police Interviews can be nerve wracking at best
  • It is imperative you know what is being asked and how to respond.
  • The job will go to the best over-all applicant, and that is typically the best interview
  • Do you know what it takes? We do. And we can teach you the best way to interview

Interview Tips and Tricks

police officer hiring process chart