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Free Resume and Cover Letter Template

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Police Resume

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1)  Make a bold statement
Your name and contact info is your your life line to being contacted.  Ensure it is accurate and up to date.

2)  Tell them where you have been
Highlight the last two places of employment, and explain how the skills developed there will assist your position in Policing.

3)  Show them what you have leaned
Ensure that your ability to continue to learn and develop is show-cased.  Continual learning is essential in policing, and you need them to know you are ready

4)  Lead by example
Volunteering is a core competency.  Place your community involvement up front , make it easy to see that you care about community involvement.

5)  Tailor your experiences
You have accomplished a lot in a short time, make sure you standout.  Tell them how awesome you are!

Cover Letter

1)  A picture is worth a 1,000 words
Include a professional picture of yourself, this will ensure that you are seen as a person and not just one more application.

2)  Make them feel special
Ensure you never send the wrong information to the wrong service.  ie.  Applying to York Regional Police but having it addressed to the OPP.

3)  Know where you are going
Connect yourself to the Region and Police Service you are applying to.  Make sure they understand that you will stay once hired.

4)  Speak from the heart
Explain how/why you will improve their Police Service.  Make sure you answer the question of ‘why should you be hired’.

5)  You know what you think you know
Detail what aspect about policing most appeals to you.  Research the Police Service you are applying to and make it specific to them.

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